How I Topped The Search Engine

After running my jewellery business for the last seven years, we’ve slowly decreased in sales and enquiries through our usual means of advertising such as the yellow pages so we decided to get a website built about a year ago featuring an online e-commerce portal so our customers could shop online. We set up Google Analytics to monitor how things were progressing online and where we were getting our traffic from.

But one thing we noticed is that the traffic figures were quite low, so we decided to get in contact with a company specialising in SEO Leamington Spa as they were local to us. They put out some fantastic ideas to us about how we could grow our business through online marketing and search engine optimisation, outlining some figures for potential search terms, and how we could target this traffic to our website through achieving high search engine rankings in websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

seo leamington spa

Since starting our campaign a few months ago, we now get seven times the number of unique daily visitors as appose to before, and sales through the online store have never been better! We are growing as an online entity and are now looking to open multiple jewellery shops in areas around the United Kingdom to expand our brand within the jewellery market and take ourselves national.

On the Road!

After finishing college I decided it would be the perfect time to start learning how to drive. I use to catch buses regularly to college and we all know how unreliable buses can be. As much as they are a convenience they are a lot cheaper than calling a taxi so I spent most of my time on buses. While studying at college I did get myself into a part time job as a waiter in a restaurant so I managed to save up enough money to start learning how to drive.

Cartoon Car


Whenever I found the free time while I wasn’t working or having fun I decided to fit in a driving lesson. I was very worried about starting I had a few issues about driving itself that where kind of making me not want to learn but my friends are driving and I did’t want to be felt left out and its a more reliable and quicker way to travel. I found a perfect driving instructor based in a driving school in Birmingham who gave me great tips and was very calm and understanding, he helped me learn the way I wanted to be learnt and gave me great tips while learning. Eventually I passed! Now I’m on the road like many others and I feel free.