My Favourite Things About Underfloor Heating

I have got underfloor heating installed in my home for quite some time now and I have been wondering wether or not I should install this new heating system but I finally decided and I do not regret it!

What I love about underfloor heating and what underfloor heating is most commonly known for is the luxury of warm flooring. The warm floors are just the best, there is nothing like walking on lovely warm floors in the cold harsh winters and just walking on them in general! Apart from the lovely warm floors there are also other things I love about underfloor heating and what I think makes underfloor heating even better is that it spreads heat evenly across my room leaving me with perfectly warm rooms including the flooring.


There a many others things too like it doesn’t require any sort of maintenance or servicing, completely out of the way and sight, is a whole lot cheaper than your regular central heating system because it runs on electricity and it frees up more space for interior design! Those are a just a few of them of the top of my head but I am sure if you do some research you will find out even more information, information that even I probably do not know.

I have had underfloor heating for around 6 months now so it isn’t too long I guess but it is long enough to notice the difference between the 2 systems.

Saving Money On My Ear Stretching

I have been looking into getting my ears stretched to the next size up from what I have now. I have been manually buying myself ear tapers to gradually increase the size but I have realised that buying them singularly is costing me so much so I thought I should buy an ear stretching kit seeing as though I do want to increase my size and I think I will probably continue to increase the size of my gauge. I currently have a 6mm ear tunnel in. I love the stainless steel black ear tunnels.

I have been thinking about increasing the size of my stretch because I am bored of having this small size of an earring. Unfortunately for me I am not blessed with larger ear lobes so I pretty much have to stretch my ears for earrings to look slightly good on me. This is why I want to go bigger and bigger with my stretch! I don’t want to get carried away though, you have to remember…

Once you go to a 10mm stretch, there is no going back!

This is one thing that I am also worried about when it comes to stretching my ears. Will they ever shrink back to the original size?? I get very worried that I might be stuck with saggy ear lobes but I have been told by many people that I can go to 10mm, anything past that you will need to operate to restore your ear lobes to its normal size.

Restocking My Office

I was out shopping to find more equipment for my office and bedroom yesterday. I decided to head over to a PC and stationary store to have a look and hopefully stock up on my resources. I needed to buy some more paper for my printer and also stock up on stationary such as sticky notes, blue tac and pens etc. I headed over to my local stationary store to stock up of what I needed. I found a lot of the stuff I needed at this store at a great price too, because I was happy with my purchases I decided to head over to my local PC store to find some ideas for my office because I was bored.


I found a fair amount of useful items for the office but one of the best things I noticed and most practical item that was there was a paper shredder. I looked at the paper shredder and I knew straight away that I wanted it. It was perfect for shredding all my important documents and I found it ideal for my paperwork.

Located My Exact Car

I finally have a new car but locating this car wasn’t an easy task. I tried going out and visiting a lot of the local car dealers that I knew about and I did some searching online whilst trying to locate a car dealer closest to me. I spent a lot of my spare time searching for this car just because the specs I was after are pretty hard to find as they aren’t as common and I will definitely have to strike lucky to find one near me.

for sale car

I located the exact car I was after by searching for car dealers staffordshire. After I searching I found a few websites of car dealers. One of the car dealers was definitely better than the other, they even had a range of cars including sports cars and even rare cars. I have had my car now for just under a month and it is doing just fine. I hope it stays this was as I don’t want to worry about repairs any time soon like my old car.

Supply Yourself With Your Own Water

I have been harvesting rainwater for 4 months now and already I am benefiting from this fantastic new way to supply yourself with water. At this moment in time you may be interested to know why rainwater harvesting is such a good thing and you also may be wondering what the benefits are of this system and how the process works. If this is the case, perfect! You are looking in the right place. I will be covering my experience and knowledge about rainwater harvesting and maybe you too would start harvesting rainwater too!

What rainwater harvesting is, is a process in which you collect rainwater and store it in a water reservation system. This water is naturally clean through evaporation (but it does go through a slight filtration process) and most importantly it is free! My rainwater harvesting system is very similar to the one shown on the diagram below.



The benefits from harvesting rainwater is that you are supplying yourself with your very own clean water, this not only saves you a lot of money in the long run, it also adds value to your home.

To Many Flies

I had to call out pest control Tamworth to come and deal with fly problem in my kitchen. The first thing that probably pops into your head is that my house is probably really dirty and my kitchen is probably really messy too and that is why there is a fly problem in my home however, this is not the case at all in my home and it never was. I actually like keeping things clean I can’t stand living in a mess so you can understand why I was concerned about the appearance of so many flies in my home.


I called the pest control company over and they had a look to see what may have caused it but even they didn’t know. This is what made me worry even more. They sprayed pesticide in and around my house to hopefully prevent these flies from staying in my home because they will not feel comfortable and they will die too. So far so good, I have seen a decrease in the number of flies but they are far from gone.

Have You Heard Of Underfloor Heating?

Have you heard of underfloor heating before? If you have perfect, if you have not heard of underfloor heating before, even better! What I will be writing about in todays post is a brief breakdown of what underfloor heating is, how it works and the positives and negative of this heating system.

Underfloor Heating

First of all, underfloor heating is a heating system that is placed beneath your flooring. This will then provide you with warm flooring and warm room too.

Underfloor heating can consist of electric underfloor heating or wet underfloor heating. Electric underfloor heating is the mist popular option as is doesn’t require the use of a boiler and it also is cheaper to run as it runs on your mains power supply. Electric underfloor heating are usually rods that are placed evenly throughout your flooring and are heated up with electricity. Wet underfloor heating are pipes that are also spread throughout your flooring but this time these pipes will contain hot water that is heated up via your boiler.

Underfloor heating is ideal for warm floors, equal heat distribution, low maintenance, saving you money etc

The negatives can be that it is only practically for those who are having flooring work done, it requires the ground to be lifted in order to fit it in and it runs on low temperatures.

Replacing My Garden Floor To Back Pains

I recently had to go and visit chiropractors birmingham because I had major back pain after a finishing work in the garden. I was moving heavy slabs and replacing the floor in my garden and this is when I think I pulled a muscle or done something to my lower back that isn’t good in any way. I didn’t just jump to the conclusion that I needed a chiropractor either. I waited a good week for my back pains to hopefully settle but they id not. This is when I knew something major was up and I went to the talk in hospital to get it checked out.


They did some tests and a few x rays and found out that I have bruised my lower fragment of my spine and this requires chiropractic therapy in order for it to heal correctly otherwise it could risk damaging my lower back permanently. They sent me to a Birmingham chiropractor. They were very professional chiropractors and they also are currently giving me treatment to help my back heal. So far I am seeing good progress and I should be better soon with this regular treatment

Promotional Idea For Our Business

My dad owns a restaurant who also does a lot of catering too. He has been running his business successfully for a few years now and the catering is the biggest success because the orders are in their thousands. It wasn’t all plain sailing though, he did come very close to bankruptcy and had to get out an emergency load to try and restart his business. Now he has around 4 restaurants that are working successfully and a catering business too. It’s safe to say that he is very comfortable with his financial situation and I run one of the main restaurants in central Birmingham.

promotional pen

I am in complete charge of this restaurant and as you can imagine it isn’t an easy task at all but I do enjoy it and the rewards are worth it. I decided it would be a great idea to advertise the business. The best idea I had to promote the business is through promotional pens. I already have design built up and I have already ordered the pens.


Don’t Watse Money On Heating

I recently installed underfloor heating in my home and I have been benefiting from this wonderful new heating system. The reason why I am writing this post today is to open your eyes to the new and improved way to heat up your home. If you are wondering what this new and improved way is or you already have a great idea of what it may be then you should continue reading.

Underfloor Heating

The best most efficient way to heat up you home is by installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is a revolutionary new way to heat up your entire home whilst keeping your floors warm too. It does this by carefully placed heated rods that are powered by your mains electricity and are placed beneath your flooring allowing you to have warm floors as well as warm rooms. Due to the fact that the heating system is powered by your main means that you save a lot of money, up to 33% on heating bills! With all these benefits a long with equal heat distribution why waste time and money on your old heating system?

Fixing My Mothers Scooter

My mother rang me a few days ago saying she is having problems with her mobility scooter and she wants em to come round and have a look at it. I thought why not, It will only be a small problem and I should be able to fix it easily knowing her. I had a go at opening it up, messing with the wires and lots of other little things but I couldn’t get it to start working. I wasn’t sure what to do and I had no choice but to call a professional.


I thought it would be a good idea to have someone round who knows what he is doing and that is my good mate who can do mobility scooter servicing and repairs. he arrived within a few minutes. It didn’t take him long to fix the problem he told me one of the wires was burnt out and I was in need of a replacement one. Now my mothers mobility scooter is working perfectly fine!

A Special Necklace

I was searching for jewellery in my local area because I was after a diamonds necklace. I didn’t want just any old diamond necklace I also wanted it to be very unique and made to my style. I know a lot of you may be thinking that you should just go to any jeweller, after all they still sell all sorts of jewellery and they most certainly will sell a diamond necklace. This is true but for what I am after, is something completely unique therefore these jewellers will not have it.


I had a little look around my area to see if there was some sort of jeweller who would allow to create me a bespoke piece of jewellery and I had no luck. This is when I started to head my search online. I browsed the web to try and find a bespoke jeweller near me and I did come across Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. Hamlingtons offer bespoke jewellery and have been around for generations. This is ideal for me and is the main reason why I will be heading there very soon.

House Flies In Your Home?

House flies are one of the most popular infestations you will find in your home in the UK. House flies tend to sit on food, rubbish, walls and fly around lights and middle of the rooms and ceilings. They are usually inactive int he evening and often sit on walls and surfaces.

Due to the nature of these house flies, it is very important you deal with them straight away if or when they enter your property. They usually enter your home through open windows and doors. House flies tend to sit on excrement, rubbish and over dirty environments which they then can then transfer to our food with ease and cause us to fall ill or even worse, transfer a disease.


Removing all the rubbish from your home is a great way to prevent these flies as rubbish is one of the main things that attracts them. Do not leave food out what so ever. A fly zapper is very good, sprays are great too (fly killing ones). If you cannot control the infestation you should call pest control sutton coldfield. I have used a pest control company before this is why I have experience.

Discovered a new heating system

I found out a great new way to heat up my home and I am writing this post to share it with you and hopefully you too can benefit from it just as much as I have. Right now you may be wondering what this new heating is and how it has benefited me, do not worry I am about to explain it all as you continue reading this post.

Underfloor Heating

The new way that I use to heat up my home is called underfloor heating. Underfloor heating works by evenly spread heated mats that are powered by electricity allowing you to have warm flooring as well as benefiting from warms floors not to mention the equal heat distribution underfloor heating provides. I have had underfloor heating for a few months now and I have already noticed the money I am saving whilst benefiting form the complete comfort. I am saving around 25% on my heating bills! It may even be more for some of you. There are many other things I like to about underfloor heating but I will keep this brief.

How To Stretch your Ears Correctly

Ear stretching is a long and hard process and requires a lot of time and patience. Below is a guide on how to stretch your ears.

1. You have to have a piercing before you can stretch your ears. You have to wait for the ear to heal before you can begin.

2.Once your piercing is fully healed and you think you are perfectly ready to start stretching then you must buy a Ear stretching kit.

3. A steel tapers are the best. It’s the easiest way to stretch you ears. Stainless steel is better is because they don’t absorb bacteria and infections.

4. Stretching should never be painful and if it bleeds you are doing it wrong. Make sure you lobes are warm, warm lobes increase blood flow allowing them to stretch

5. lubricate while trying to insert the taper. This will help ease the taper in.

6. If your taper is fully in your ear, great! Now it’s up to your body to heal itself.

7. It is normal for it to hurt a little and be slightly inflamed. It should definitely not bleed!

8. Now its just about keeping it clean and bacteria free or else it could get infected.


Make The Most Of Marketing

If you are looking to promote yourself you can do it many ways, some of which can work better than others and some of them can work great together. In this post I will be writing about effective ways you can promote yourself. I will only be covering a few ways today but do make sure you look out for more in the future. Promoting yourself is very important to reach out to the people who would benefit from your service this should guide more people towards you which can lead to more potential customers leaving you with more money. A few ways in which you can help promote yourself are listed below.

Through a website, website are the ultimate way to grab peoples attention. 90% of people use a search engine to look for the service they require so having a website could potentially lead a few of them to your site. Website are a must if you are looking to make a successful business and target a lot of people.

Promotional pens. Promotional pens are ideal as they are a practical item and they can contain any print you like. This could be your company name and contact details.

promotional pen

Online Shopping Is The Best

I was on a little shopping spree but I didn’t want to go out and do it because I find it too tiring and a little inconvenient now that you have the internet. I like to do a lot of my clothes and accessory shopping online and they are many reasons in why I do so, some of which are: It is a lot easier, more convenient, it is quicker, it will be delivered to your home, there is more of a variety and less effort.

engagement ring

I like to buy jewellery online a lot too. The reason whyI like to buy jewellery online is because you can compare more jewellers online and it is so much easier and quicker to do so. One more thing I like the most about shopping for jewellery online is that you can have instant access to a variety of jewellery in different style or even styles you can search for. One of my favourite jewellers are Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. They offer unique hand crafted jewellery that is created to suit your style.

The Guide To Locating Your Future Car

When it comes to buying a new car you may find it hard to try and find a car that is near you and the specifications that you are looking for. If you are do not worry I am writing this post to help guide you into finding and locating your new car. When it comes to finding your new car theres a few things you have to bare in mind before you start searching. The first thing is to make sure you know what features and specifications as well as the car you are looking for and what you would like the car to have. Then you can finally start the searching process and locate your car.

Cartoon Car

So how do you locate the car you are looking for? This is simple there are many websites online that locate cars and car dealers such as auto trader. Auto trader is a great way to search for your car because you can add all the specification you require and the preferred distance from you home address. you can also use search engines like google and search for example car dealers staffordshire to find a website of a car dealers near you.

Replacing My Lost Watch

I was looking for watches for men because I was in need of a new watch for myself as I lost my old one. My old watch was a really nice watch I really liked it and I am so gutted I lost it. The watch I had was an Armani stainless steel watch. What I liked so much about this watch was that the watch was very versatile. The watch could go with any outfit and still look good. Because I lost this watch I decided I wanted to but another watch that is similar but not exactly the same as I would like a little change.

Million Dollar Watch

I had a look through some watches online and I found a website that sells designer watches that are very nice. They sell watches that are not even available in some watch shops. It didn’t take me long to find the perfect watch either. I did end up buying a watch from them and I am extremely pleased with the service and the product. The company was called design centre jewellery.

Pest Are Stubborn

If you have pests in your home you will quickly realise how annoying they can be. Pests are very stubborn and often are very hard to completely remove from a property. Trust me, I am speaking from experience, once you are infested it is seriously hard to get rid of them. They can hide anywhere, they can even hide deep inside your walls making them almost impossible to reach.


It is very important you follow precautionary measures to prevent them from infesting your home. The reasons why they like to infest your home is because our homes are the perfect environment for pests to breed and thrive. Pests have similar needs to what we have and out homes are the perfect environment because it provide them with warmth, food, shelter and most importantly safety. The infestation that I had were mice in my back garden. This all lead from a house that was abandoned and with it was piles of rubbish. I had a feeling this might happen but I wasn’t exactly expecting it to effect me directly. I called pest control sutton coldfield to lay down pesticides and mice prevention measures in my back garden.



Making The Big Move

I have been in a relationship now for 6 years! And we still haven’t made one of the big moves. I decided by myself that my partner is perfect for me and that I will never find anyone else like her. Not to mention that we have moved out together and have been living in our new home for 2 years. Right now you may be wondering what this big move is going to be, some of you may have even worked it out already, if you have that is awesome! If you haven’t that isn’t a problem, it the whole reason why I am writing this post.

engagement ring

So, the big move. The big move, is that I am finally going to propose to my partner! I have never been so nervous and so excited at the same time. I already have the perfect ring. I found engagement rings jewellery quarter. Now I just need to decide how and when I am going to propose to her. I have something in mid already but I will keep you posted on how things go.

In Need Of Jewellery

When it comes to the time to buying jewellery theres is only one place I ever got to. At this point you might be wondering what this place is and why I only got to this place to buy jewellery. Well I will tell you, the place I always got to buy jewellery is Birmingham jewellery quarter. This place is the only place I go because it is so convenient when it comes to buying jewellery.

seo leamington spa

The jewellery quarter is like the shopping centre for jewellery with all the jewellers in close proximity with each other you really get the chance to do a good shop around before you decide on what jewellery to buy. What is ideal about the jewellery quarter too is that there is a lot of variety in the jewellery that can be found here. I recently went to visit the jewellery quarter to purchase a new pair of silver earrings. It didn’t take me long to find the right pair but I was relieved that there wasn’t anything like it cheaper or better.

Controlling Our Sewage

Controlling our sewage is very important and it is a continuos process that must continue in order for the world to be disease free and for us to have fresh clean water and most importantly, for the world o survive.


When it comes to controlling sewage there are many ways in which you can do it. The most popular way to control sewage is through sewage treatment plants. Sewage treatment plants are very large industrial buildings that collect all the sewage from it’s local area and removes all the bacteria and diseases as well as removing all the waste. (sewage is waste water, 99% of sewage is water). The waste water is then purified and ready to be sent back through the system of piping and into our homes for instant access. Having instant access to water is vital for us humans because we can only live up to 4 days without water but we can live months without food! Sewage treatment plants are a great way to renew water so it is save for the environment. Small scale sewage treatment plants can be found at places like a construction site or a place with no direct sewage line.

A Gift Idea

It is my dads birthday coming up this weekend and I have no idea what to buy him for his 42nd birthday. I don’t like to buy little novelty items because I think they are pointless and just get thrown in the bin any way so I might as well get something that I know who will like and use, basically a practical gift.

9ct gold chain

I tried searching online for gift ideas for men but they are all just novelty items. I know what my dad likes and that is cars hats and gold chains. There is no way that I can afford to buy him a car so that is out of the question, I don’t want to buy him a hat because I think that would be a pretty poor gift I was thinking about buying him a gold chain, I did fond one online and it is in stores so I can go and pick it up. It was a 9ct gold chain at a very good price. I think this would be a good gift seeing as though it’s what he likes to wear.

My Search For Unique Jewellers

I was searching for jewellery UK in the google search engine because I was looking for more jewellers across the UK where I could go to that would provide me with unique and creative jewellery. What I dislike about jewellery and most jewellers is that they are all so common and seem to be so boring and all based one he cliche design of what everyone wears. This is the main reason why I was after a different type of jeweller and I was hoping I would be able to find it through browsing the web.


After quite a while browsing the web I did come across this one jewellers site that made custom jewellery made to your design choice preferences, styles, colours etc, to suit you. This really pleased me as it was kind of what I was after. i wanted to be different and I want to wear jewellery that is unique and to have people ask and compliment me on my jewellery and where I got it from. I had a look at their site and I am very pleased with some of there work they have done before so I am so excited to order mine.

We Need One More Bedroom

I have a 3 bedroomed home and I do not thing we have enough beds for our family just incase we want to increase or just to have a spare room for when a guest is round. We decided as a family that we should think about getting a loft conversion done to our home. We thought this would be ideal because we have to extend our home and it will also add a lot of value to the property itself while making use of free space that has never been touched since the day we moved in.


We had a look at some loft conversions designs and we were really interested in the modern designs and we quite amazed with the amount of room that is available up there. I didn’t realise you could free up so much space up in the loft. We had a few guys come round to give us a quote on a design we liked. They were very friendly guys and spent quite some time getting measurements. Once they finished they said they will get in touch within a few days with a quotation.

Maintaining My Land

I live in a house up in the countryside of Wales. My property has a very large piece of land attached to it and this land is all lawn. I think the land originated for farming but has been converted into a normal stretch of lawn. I know that the land that is associated to my property adds a lot of value to it so having this in mind I do my best to make sure it stays lush and green and I take a lot of care to maintain it.


Recently we have been having a lot of rain fall here in Wales so I started to see a lot of waterlogging on my land. I really was disgusted by this and almost heartbroken to see my hard work just be ruined. I knew I had to act quickly so I decided I would call a drianage specialist who can help sort the waterlogging on my land. They said they can easily sort out this problem with a drainage system but it will require various piping such as a twin wall pipe and other quite costly piping butI went through with it anyway. It took them a good few days to install oit but I have noticed a great change in the way the water behaves and I am impressed and very pleased.

I Love To Shop!

I like to go shopping a lot. Have you ever known a women who doesn’t like to shop? Clothes shopping is one of my favourite things to do. I have many places I like to visit. Some more than others undoubtedly but with all the lovely clothes I buy I almost certainly require matching accessories.

9ct gold chain

Jewellery shopping is my all time favourite. I just love jewellery. What I love about jewellery is that it’s just a small item but makes a big difference and can have a huge impact on your overall look. My favourite type of jewellery is 9ct gold. I love to wear 9ct gold hoop earrings mainly because I love the style of them and how they compliment everything I wear. Another favourite of mine is the 9ct gold chain. The chains that I like aren’t the typical big and bold one’s that you would imagine. Instead it’s very thin while looking simple and elegant just the way I like my neck jewellery to look like.

Cleaning is essential

Wether it is your home or your business keeping it clean and bacteria free is essential. The reason why it is essential is so you can live comfortably and safely.



When it comes to cleaning, we only tend to clean what we can see but it is also important to clean what we can’t see because its the things we can’t see that cause us the most trouble. Now, you may be wondering. How can I clean it if I can’t see it? Bacteria and infections are the things you can’t see. This bacteria and infections can be floating through your air and contaminating everything making your home or place of work unsafe. One way this bacteria likes to develop and travel is through your air ducts. People overlook air duct cleaning and struggle to see the important of it. Having dirty ducts can cause the air inside your home to be up to 80% more polluted than the air outside! It is important you get professional duct cleaning done to remove all the dirt and bacteria so you can breathe fresh cleaner air.

What Languages Can You Speak?

Are you able to speak more than one language? If so, what language(s) can you speak? I would love to know! I have been fascinated by languages since I was 10 years old. I made a friend who moved into the UK from Czechoslovakia he could speak very little english but could speak Slovakian very easily. I made very good friends with him but found it very strange how he was speaking to his parents. I thought he was just making weird noises at them I was completely confused at the time because I didn’t understand a word they were saying and I didn’t even know there were other languages.


This is where my fascination started. I asked him what was you and your mum doing downstairs when you was talking to each other. He told me he was speaking Slovakian thats why he I didn’t understand. I thought it was amazing, being able to speak to someone else in a language that only certain people understand. This is why I can currently speak 3 languages not including English thanks to language lessons in Manchester.

Ear Stretching Is Serious

I have had my ears stretched for 3 years now and I really like them. The whole stretching process and gradually increasing the size of the stretch can be very addictive but it is  long process and requires regular cleaning and patience. Rushing stretches can cause your ear lobe to bleed, permanently damage or the whole to be deformed. Stretching your ears is a form of body modification and like with any form of body modification, it requires strict guidelines.


Before you think about stretching your ears you need to purchase a professional ear stretching kit, surgical steel ones are the best. You have to make sure the area is clean and bacteria free and well maintained, before the stretch and even after the stretch to reduce the risk of infection. Ear infections aren’t good at all they can cause your ear lobe to get permanently damaged or worse make ear jewellery unwearable again. It is important you follow a professional guide on how to stretch you ears.

Hand Crafted Jewellery Near Me

I was searching for fine hand crafted jewellery in my local area but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to find such jeweller. The reason why I wanted to buy hand crafted jewellery is because they are much more personal and is more of a work of art than a common piece of jewellery you find in most jewellers, don’t get me wrong, they still look the part but not quite as unique as hand crafted jewellery.


I searched the web for fine hand crafted jewellery in Leicester and I came across Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery. I had a browse through their website and noticed a lot for bespoke jewellery, they also said that they can hand craft a piece of jewellery to suit you in their bespoke range. This really interested me so I decided to head over to the store and find out more. A few days later I popped in the store and had a chat with one of the workers and they assured me every piece of jewellery they make is hand crafted and made by themselves so there is no middle man. I was very pleased and I have ordered my ring for store pick up.

Upgrade Your Car

Isn’t it about time you upgraded your car to much newer and better car? If you are looking to upgrade your car there are thousands of car dealers across the UK. You will most certainly find the car you are looking for. With so many car dealers across the UK you can’t possibly travel to each one in hope to find the car you desire so how would you go by  finding your car? You can help locate a dealer through websites such as Auto trader and other similar sites.

Cartoon Car

I used Auto trader to guide me into finding my car I was looking for. I live in Lichfield and thanks to Auto trader I found a used car dealers lichfield that had some great variety of cars as well as being at a reasonable price. If you are interested in buying a new car it is always important to buy a car from a local dealer, not only does it save you from having to travel miles to get your car you, lets say if something goes wrong with your car you can easily go back to the dealer.

Convenient Water Storage

Water tanks are a great way to store large amounts of water for quick and easy access and they can be placed wherever you like. Water tanks are ideal if you are looking to save money on water bills and if you have needs such as:

  • Supplying water to maintain a healthy garden or land
  • Can be used for bathing animals and pets
  • Can be used for cleaning
  • Can be a fire prevention reserve
  • You can top up swimming pools
  • You will be helping towards flood prevention
  • The water is free!


Water tanks can vary in sizes and shapes, they can also be placed above ground level or underground. Water tanks are commonly used in areas where there is little water or there isn’t a water supply. These areas often need the use of onsite sewage treatment plants too. The water can be collected and stored through land drainage pipes such as a twin wall pipe. Storing your own water is essential to save a lot of money and is highly recommended for those who have a large piece if land, farmers, construction workers and for those who like to do gardening.

Watch Your Style

Watches are essentially a must have accessory in todays society. Not only are they great for their sole purpose (to keep track of time) they are also becoming a major fashion accessory. Watches have been worn as a fashion accessory for many years and has been becoming increasingly popular due to the variety of styles, colours, shapes and materials. Watches can be worn as a fashion statement, they can also be worn formally to compliment your formal sophisticated look and they can even represent your wealth status with watches that are priced over £500,000.

Million Dollar Watch


To the majority of us that price range is just down right ridiculous, but the key here is, there is a market with that type of budget. These high market watches are always categorised as designer watches. Designer brand often have the budget to use very expensive and fine materials while portraying a very unique and fashionable watch. If your budget isn’t as high there are still very nice designer watches that range from £50 – £500. Theres also fashionable watches that are non designer that are even cheaper!

Are you Driving?

Be able to drive is almost essential in todays society. Cars today are used by millions of people across the world. Theres a reason why they are so popular, the main reason being is that they are the most convenient way to to travel if you want to get somewhere quickly and conveniently which is accessible at anytime a long with many other benefits. The main reason why I wanted to learn how to drive was for them reasons, it’s quick, convenient and fun.

Cartoon Car

I started taking lessons when I was attending college. I was studying media A levels and really enjoyed it. I took time out when I was free form studying to learn how to drive. I used driving instructors Birmingham because it was closer to me and I know the instructor pretty well. He is great at teaching, he tailors his lessons to you and your learning pace rather that stretching out the lessons to ear more money.  Learnt very fast I believe and I went on to pass my test and I am currently driving and I love it.

Authentic Platinum Wedding Ring

I was searching around my local jewellers for platinum wedding rings. The reason why I was looking for platinum wedding rings instead of gold or silver wedding rings is because those wedding rings are too common and I don’t really think they are as good of a quality as platinum plus platinum is worth a whole load more. So I had my mind set on a platinum ring for my partner because I believe it’s the finest ring I can buy.


So I done a lot of shopping to try and find the best possible wedding ring I could find. I wanted it to be very elegant and I also wanted the ring to contain diamonds. I wanted to make sure the diamonds are genuine so I only looked for certified diamonds. I did find a ring after a while of shopping around in various places and having a look through many jewellers. I am very pleased with my purchase and I have a certificate of authentication too.

Having Back Pains?

If you are suffering from any sort of back pain, it is very important you get it checked out by a doctor. The reason for this urgency is because your back is because your spine is the foundation of your body, it is the one thing that supports every ligament. Not only is everything attached to the spine it also the stem for where the signals are sent from your brain to other parts of the body to function. If something was to go wrong with your spine you could be left completely paralysed!


If you do have spine or back related issues you must see a chiropractor and start chiropractic treatment to slowly relive the stress. My advice is meaningful because unfortunately I am speaking from experience. I had lower back pains for a few weeks after a sporting activity. At first I thought it would disappear because I just thought I overworked my body but it didn’t. I went to visit a Birmingham chiropractor and with continued treatment the issue faded.

No More Cold Floors

Have you always wanted to be able to walk bare footed around your home and not being worried about the floor being unbearably cold? If you agree then you will find this information very helpful. What I will be covering in this post is how to heat up your entire home including your flooring with the help of underfloor heating.

Underfloor Heating

The way underfloor heating works is by heating up your room from the ground up gradually getting colder as it reaches the ceiling. Certain systems heat up your room the same way but the process is slightly different for example, electronic heating mats work by connecting it to the main power supply and the metal rods within the mats heat up to provide the heat. Water underfloor heating is just piping spread across the floor, hot water is then flowed through these pipes which are connected to your boiler then it’s those pipes that provide the heat. install underfloor heating today and say bye to cold floor and cold spots.

Importance of Ductwork Cleaning

The air in our home circulates through our ventilation systems, If our ventilation system is dirty it could be carrying dust and debris with it.

How will dirty ducts effect my health?

Some people are really sensitive to dust. A dirty duct system could be a place where bacteria will start to grow and spread through the air.

What you need to look out for

  • Dust piles, debris and cobwebs
  • Visible mold and dirt that inside you ducts.
  • Dead insects and their droppings.

Why is Ductwork Cleaning is good

  • This process will remove dust formed and it will stop it from spreading into the household especially through your kitchen ducts which could cause health issues.
  • By removing cobwebs and debris this will increase the efficiency of the airflow thought the system as much as 40%!
  • Try to avoid fiberglass ducts. If you have fiberglass ducts,they will gather a whole lot more dust that standard sheet metal.
Keeping your ducts clean is a great way to ensure you stay at your best possible health. The last thing you would want is to fall ill or any other family member.

Relaxation Issues Solved

When you are looking for a long deep relaxation session there are many different ways and methods you can do to achieve relaxation but in this post I will be covering my favourite way to relax and give my opinions on why I think you should consider my method. My job requires a lot of manual labour and this can be very stressful on your body and mind, due to this I decided I wanted to look up relaxation tips. I found some great tips and a lot them were great but were only viable for a short term period.


I required a long term solution, I searched into purchasing a hot tub although they are very expensive they are such a great product to aid relaxation and to just chill out in. I needed to find cheap hot tubs and I did find one at a great price it was almost a steal! I purchased my hot tub from I have owned my hot tub for a few months now and I literally cannot live without it.

Pest Control Info

Pest control is a problem that can often get overlooked until the problem is out of hand. When it comes to food safety pest control is a must. The main impact pest can have a business that provide food is that they can be the transfers of bacteria, illnesses and can contaminate our foods witch will cause illness. Not only are pest a cause of bad health they can also do substantial damage to your property. This is why pest control is very important.


Pests are often divided into 3 categories

  • Insects - Ants, Wasps, Bees, Flies, Cockroaches and Beetles
  • Rodents - Rats and Mice
  • Birds - Pigeons, Sparrows, Seagulls and Starlings

They are many way you can control pests a few of which are listed below:

  • Pest proof your house or premises
  • Keep your house clean and tidy, good housekeeping is essential to make sure there isn’t anything laying around that might attract them
  • Insect screens, this will reduce the chance of insects entering your premises
  • Pes control contractors such as E-Pest Control. E- Pest Control is based in Sutton Coldfield but they do cover areas such as Tamworth and even Walsall and surrounding areas

Professional Printing

Our eyes and mind combined are such a powerful visual tool, we can judge the way something looks just by looking at something within the first second! It’s to do with our fight or flight response. This has positive and negative outcomes. The positive outcomes is that it keeps us out of harms way by deciding whether we should for instance challenge something that is going to harm you or run away from it. This also controls our thoughts and opinions on something we see for the first time. We judge wether we like or dislike the way something looks within the first second too. This is why good quality prints is important.

If you want to attract the attention of the people who you are trying to market your product to it is very important it looks its best. If you are in need of a professional print for a news letter, business card, posters and other innovative printing solutions look no further thank Big in Ink Birmingham. Big in Ink are the number one printing company in Birmingham.

How To: Learn a Language with Ease

Are you having a hard time picking up a language? Are you sick of spending loads of money on language lessons and still not getting the results you paid for? Are you really motivated to learn a language? If so in this post you will find some great tips on the best way to learn a language. The best way is to adapt your learning with your learning style.

Don’t know what your learning style is? Don’t worry, your learning style is basically how you prefer  to remember and do things as an example, are you a visual learner, do you like to see and learn, are you a auditory learner (do you prefer to listen and learn) or are you a practical learner (learn by doing things). Finding out your learning style is crucial to learning a new language or anything  quickly. Why? Because this is the way you and your body prefers to learn. Once you have found your learning style it is important to find a professional language tutor. Click this link below to find a tutor in your area.

The process of stretching your ears

One day back in 2010 I decided something I really do regret, stretching my ear lobes! Although I think now 50% of the social community around me have stretched ears, I don’t think it’s appropriate anymore. You see the problem I find with this is that it can be very dangerous if you are not hygenic! Apart from that aside, it’s pretty straight forward.


Take a look at this factual image below:



Now, also back in the dark days of 2010, I had other hobbies alongside this. Ear stretching was my main interest of the time and nothing could beat it. My girlfriend and I thought it made us better together! I mean that is just past ridiculousness!


Anyway to summary this, we should be doing a lot more to make sure you get the official ear stretching kit that doesn’t let you run the risk of not being able to hear things in the future.



VISIT for more info…

How I Topped The Search Engine

After running my jewellery business for the last seven years, we’ve slowly decreased in sales and enquiries through our usual means of advertising such as the yellow pages so we decided to get a website built about a year ago featuring an online e-commerce portal so our customers could shop online. We set up Google Analytics to monitor how things were progressing online and where we were getting our traffic from.

But one thing we noticed is that the traffic figures were quite low, so we decided to get in contact with a company specialising in SEO Leamington Spa as they were local to us. They put out some fantastic ideas to us about how we could grow our business through online marketing and search engine optimisation, outlining some figures for potential search terms, and how we could target this traffic to our website through achieving high search engine rankings in websites such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

seo leamington spa

Since starting our campaign a few months ago, we now get seven times the number of unique daily visitors as appose to before, and sales through the online store have never been better! We are growing as an online entity and are now looking to open multiple jewellery shops in areas around the United Kingdom to expand our brand within the jewellery market and take ourselves national.

On the Road!

After finishing college I decided it would be the perfect time to start learning how to drive. I use to catch buses regularly to college and we all know how unreliable buses can be. As much as they are a convenience they are a lot cheaper than calling a taxi so I spent most of my time on buses. While studying at college I did get myself into a part time job as a waiter in a restaurant so I managed to save up enough money to start learning how to drive.

Cartoon Car


Whenever I found the free time while I wasn’t working or having fun I decided to fit in a driving lesson. I was very worried about starting I had a few issues about driving itself that where kind of making me not want to learn but my friends are driving and I did’t want to be felt left out and its a more reliable and quicker way to travel. I found a perfect driving instructor based in a driving school in Birmingham who gave me great tips and was very calm and understanding, he helped me learn the way I wanted to be learnt and gave me great tips while learning. Eventually I passed! Now I’m on the road like many others and I feel free.